Deep Purple postpones Nepal tour to April 26

Legendary Rock Band Deep Purple who were supposed to perform a big concert this Friday (March 15) here in Kathmandu, has postponed the concert to April 26. Citing the ongoing political condition and frequently organizing strikes, the event manager ODC entertainment informed media of the delay. Bollywood sensation Farhan Akhtar was also supposed to perform during the event which is also deferred for now.
Having bought the ticket just two days before, I am very much disappointed with this postponement as I have been waiting so desperately to have a catch of their rocking performance in my own city. 

As I am uncertain of my presence in Kathmandu on April 26 (which is more than one month from now) due to office work, I feel like I won't be able to attend the concert. Now I just hope they wont cancel the concert though I may not be there, as it will have adverse effect on future concerts to be held here and the organizers will be discouraged to organize such big concert here.
According to some media, it is known that the ODC entertainment are just taking advantage of the ongoing strikes and postponed the concert due to least no.of ticket sales. Lets see how they are going to bring the reason behind the concert in a press meet to be organized later today. And let us know what if we want to get our money back if I am not able to be here in that time.


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