Big Brother UK 2013: Know the Housemates of Big Brother UK 2013

Big Brother was asking a lot of its viewers this year by stretching the launch over two nights. The first night always brings some classic BB clich├ęs and the first few hours in this year’s house are no different. The start of Big Brother 2013 with new host Emma Willis welcoming nine brand new housemates while second launch of the show introduced six new housemates. Here we are providing the List of the Housemates of Big Brother UK 2013 with their brief introduction and Picture.
1.Sallie Axl, 26 An alternative glamour model, Sallie describes herself as bitch who doesn’t get on well with boys. That’s going to go down really well. She’s done a few kiss ‘n’ tells with celeb footballers and says she offends most people she talks to. Northener Sallie has a three year-old daughter and is a single lady after splitting with her last guy in January. 

2. Sam Evans, 23 Welsh-born Sam has represented both GB and Wales as part of their deaf football teams. He wants to become a role model for deaf children and hopes that his loss of hearing won’t affect him too much in the house. He also says he has no common sense. 

3.Callum Knell, 28 Callum is a primary school sports coach (which we thought was just a P.E teacher) and he’s a self-confessed ladies man. He never regrets anything and is very opinionated. This man will definitely start all the fights. 

4.Dexter Koh, 28 Dexter is a scouser and he says he was London’s highest paid male escort. And that makes him far too busy to have a girlfriend. Other jobs include a strip club manager, a magician and a celebrity PR. Well, we’ve never had any dealings with him. 

 5.Jack and Joe Glenny, 18 Identical twins Jack and Joe, are both supermarket checkout boys. They love musicals and their idol is Richard Branson. We really couldn’t get much more than that from them.
How long will they last? The general public love a pair. If they can stick together, then they could go the full distance. 

6. Jemima Slade, 41, Jemima runs a dating website called which she started in 2008. She’s dated a Saudi Prince and several rich men and she prefers a younger guy. She would also be happy to have a romp in the house. No thanks, we would rather not see that. 

7. Sophie Lawrence, 20 No relation to J-Law, this London girl is a dental nurse who was brought up around the gypsy community. She’s a tomboy and yet also a daddy’s girl. She says herself that she has a temper and a black belt in karate. 

8. Wolfy Millington, 20 Wolfy wants to connect the earth through love and harmony. Avoid Sophie then. She has, “a passion for fishing which borders on the erotic” and a tattoo of the first mackerel she ever caught. She also believes she can talk to animals. Brilliant. 

9. THE ACTOR! Michael, 29 Michael is the mole! Brought into the house by the Big Brother producers as ‘The People’s Puppet’, viewers will be able to vote to decide how he affects the house and the other housemates. Basically he’s one big stirrer. 

10.Gina Rio
What a terrible start to proceedings. Her video bio fails to give a single positive trait about her. The crowd naturally responds with a chorus of boos. Spoilt, rich and used to the finer things in life, she has the look of a blow up doll and manages to say ‘oh my god’ 39 times on her way down the stairs. If you looked at an X-ray of her head there would be a cow playing a banjo where her brain should be. 

11. Daniel Neal He’s a good-looking former policeman, gay, has a son and likes to party. He’s quite possibly the most normal, genuine housemate ever. It’s annoying me that there is nothing insulting I can really say about him. I might just insult Sallie some more instead…
12. Hazel O’Sullivan The model. A staple BB contestant. Her Irish twang is captivating but she looks like trouble. I predict Sallie will want to be her best friend but will then bitch about her behind her back. Standard. 

13. Daley Ojuederie Another ‘normal’. Like Dan, he seems like a pretty decent guy. A professional boxer who’s had a tough upbringing, his story would be more suited to the X-Factor. My only criticism of him is the line shaved into his eyebrow. You’re 28 Daley, come on now. 

14. Charlie & Jackie Travers
The first ever mother and daughter on BB. Unlike Jack and Joe these two have separate housemate status, though I doubt it’ll make a difference as they’re both intensely annoying. In terms of flying into a linguistic rage, this bunch of housemates has left me a bit short on insulting word bullets. However, with a few regular Joes in there the house should have a bit more balance. And if there are fewer outrageous individuals I can pour more energy into documenting my distaste for Sallie!


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