Big Brother Africa 2013:Search For Big Brother Africa 2013 Housemates Begins

The eighth season of Big Brother Africa has been confirmed to hit screens yet again, much to the delight and excitement of viewers and fans of the show. 
     StarGame brought much entertainment with the never ending drama which the housemates provided in great abundance and the twists and turns that Biggie always had up his sleeve, “This is Big Brother!” Remember that bold voice? Pay-per-view cable television provider MNet has said the search for housemates for the 2013 edition of the Big Brother Africa reality television show, begins on January 8.

“The demand from audiences for Big Brother Africa continues undimmed. In some ways it really is astonishing to see the enthusiasm for this particular series, but in other ways it is to be expected,” M-Net Africa Managing Director says.
    “Viewers want to see unscripted television, as it happens, with normal people that they can relate to dealing with completely familiar emotional concepts – happiness, frustration, success, failure, hope, anxiety, friendship, opportunity and of course, love.

“Big Brother continues to be a ratings sensation from Australia to India, and in Africa, for exactly this reason. And the format’s flexibility is a producers’ dream because you can do something different every time!” he adds.

“We are delighted with the new concept that has been developed for the upcoming show,” says Endemol MD Sivan Pillay.

“Every year as soon as we know that we are going ahead with a new season, we head into a creative brainstorming session and every year, ideas just go racing around the room. Dates and venues are yet to be announced.


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