Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Eviction: Paula Hamilton become first to be evicted

After a few days of voting from us viewers, Brian Dowling revealed tonight which of the celebs had received the fewest votes and was going home.

There were boos for Paula and Heidi & Spencer as Brian announced the three names, before first revealing that in no particular order Frankie was safe. 

Paula hamilton 

Brian then revealed that Paula was the first housemate to be evicted from the house, with the ex model leaving to huge boos from the audience.
Earlier in the live show, the three nominees were given the opportunity to beg for votes to viewers just before the lines closed. 

Paula had said: “Please vote for me, I love these people, I love the house. 
Paula Hamilton Talking with Brian Dowling

“It’s absolutely mad, it’s disorienting and it’s crazy and I haven’t even gotten going yet!”
But it wasn’t enough to persuade viewers, with Paula becoming the first celeb to leave the latest series. She later told host Brian Dowling: “People have their opinions,” so he didn’t mind the boos. She added, “I knew for a long, long time I was going in,” and wished that she had less time to think about it. 

Paula said that she wanted Razor to win the show and that she though Frankie had a game plan. “He’s an intelligent guy,” she said and claimed he knew how to gain fans and wants him to be the next celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

There’s no chance for the remaining housemates to relax however, with another celebrity inmate set to get the axe on Friday night’s next live show.

Big Brother doesn’t like to hang around, that’s for sure.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.


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