Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Day 8 highlights and recap

Day 8 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house saw Heidi and Spencer continue their stay in the basement as they messed with the group in the main house.
Heidi and Spencer are in the basement house watching the housemates prepare breakfast via the screen. They note that none of those who are cooking have washed their hands. “They’re poisoning us,” Spencer exclaims and agrees that once they return to the house, they will not eat anything that the housemates prepare.

Rylan is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Heidi and Spencer’s shock departure. He is confused why the couple was, “All guns blazing,” when they returned from the diary room following ex-housemate Paula’s eviction. “I can’t think why they came in here, why waste someone else’s slot?” he adds.
In the house, Heidi and Spencer are still the topic of conversation. Razor adopts an American accent and repeats in a whiney voice: “I don’t like your food.” Housemates are shocked and Tricia exclaims: “Did he, cheeky s**t?!” Heidi and Spencer look shocked as they watch from the basement. “I don’t like Razor, he’s such a liar, now I don’t want nothing (sic) to do with them,” Heidi says. “Go f**k yourself,” Spencer shouts at the screen. In the house Sam tells his fellow housemates that Spencer and Heidi were not “interesting enough.” He adds: “They’re boring people; lots of kids are like that in LA, like they’ve not lived interesting lives.” In the basement, Spencer fumes: “He’s off my list.” In the house Claire tells housemates that Spencer and Heidi brought “stacks of soap” into the house with them and mentions their “hugging thing.” Heidi takes offence and brands Sam a “sheep” for joining in with the conversation.
Brits Rylan and Razor are getting cozy in the bedroom. Rylan draws a picture on Razor’s bare tummy. Meanwhile, American’s Heidi and Spencer are in basement, they have been spying on their fellow housemates for 16 hours and 19 minutes. Now Big Brother hands them power over the diary room, and sets them an Awkward Questions task for the housemate of their choosing. “We wish to interrogate Mr Ryan AKA Toadfish, aka toad face aka Ryan Mr Too-goody-poser-fake-man,” Spencer grins. Big Brother calls Ryan to the diary room where he is asked a series of questions. “He’s like a serial killer,” quips Spencer while observing Ryan in the diary room. When asked which past housemate he would like to see return to the house, Ryan chooses Heidi and Spencer over Paula. “I’m confused as to why Spencer and Heidi were in here, I hope they’re happy now,” muses Ryan. Heidi and Spencer press the button and as a result, a soggy mixture of dog food is released onto Ryan in the diary room.

Ryan calmly returns to the house and the housemates grimace at the state of him. “That’s not nice,” Claire worries. Spencer watches from the basement, “He doesn’t care, he wants to be the hero,” he quips.
Sam is alone in the bathroom, the rest of the housemates are in the living area talking about Heidi and Spencer, again. Tricia tells them that Heidi couldn’t wait to do the nominations. In the basement, Heidi reacts angrily: “I didn’t say that, you’re all jerks.” “How did you cope down there (in the basement) for two nights?” Tricia continues. Razor explains, “We didn’t see ‘em,” and says that the couple hid their faces under a yoga mat. “They’re the loveliest and weirdest people I’ve met,” Rylan adds. “They wouldn’t kiss (each other) but didn’t mind having a dead fish in their mouths,” Razor remarks, referring to the Pass the Pass part of the shopping task. “The only c**k she’s had a go on is a bull’s one,” quips Rylan as Heidi reels downstairs and turns away from the screen. Rylan continues and tells his housemates, “She said to me in the Jacuzzi that they both used to be players but now it’s like, ’I’d love you to wash my hair,’” he says, mimicking Heidi’s voice.
In the basement, Heidi and Spencer are fuming.

Claire is revealing her conspiracy theory and thinks something will happen “this weekend or tomorrow as and when Sam or Ryan leave.” Heidi and Spencer are spying on Frankie, Razor and Ryan who are in the garden. Ryan is taking note of the cameras and tells them, “I reckon someone is in here already, someone else is watching us.” Razor says that he can hear something and they all fall silent. Heidi and Spencer watch in silence from the basement. Rylan heads towards the basement entrance, bending down like an old woman then adopts a croaky tone before heading inside. “Wishful thinking,” remarks Heidi adding, “He wants someone to come in, so he thinks he can here something,” she states.

Rylan is hosting a tanning session in the bathroom for some of his housemates. Heidi and Spencer are in the basement diary room talking to Big Brother about their return to the main house. “If we’re forced to go back into the house we’re gonna avoid them like the plague, we’ll sleep in the igloo, we’ll sleep outside,” Spencer comments. Heidi adds: “They’re so awful, it’s just so disheartening for me, we were just some of the nicest most genuine people in the house to them, just cos we weren’t hugging all day and touching them – we’re married you freaks, it’s like back up, I don’t even know you.”

Spencer continues, “We were being nice, ‘when we hug we don’t even kiss cheeks,’ so that’s offensive, I don’t even kiss my own mom or grandmother. No mercy Big Brother, it is on?!” Heidi affirms, “I didn’t think I would hear any of these comments so they’ve got us pretty fired up. We thought they were decent people not disgusting and despicable people.” Spencer adds: “No mercy, no retreat Big Brother, it is on,” “We’re Americans,” adds Heidi. Spencer ends, “The goal is for them all to quit before evictions, when we return to your amazing Big Brother mansion I can guarantee, it’s gonna be fireworks, it’s gonna pop off like the 4thJuly in USA because, Spiedi’s not playing. Just wanted to give you the heads up, it’s gonna be a party.”


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