BIGG BOSS 7:Salman Khan to take Rs 5 Crore per episode of Bigg Boss 7

 What do you expect how much does some normal bollywood star take from a Movie?Bollywood star Salman Khan is riding very high these days, the 47-year-old actor is set to become the highest paid actor on television with a salary of Rs.130 crore.
According to grapevine, Salman Khan will be paid Rs.5 crore per episode of the popular reality show Bigg Boss 7. The deal was allegedly for Rs.130 crore.

According to a report on a tabloid website, Salman was being paid Rs.2.5 crore per episode to host Bigg Boss Season 6 and he will now be paid Rs.5 crore per episode for Season 7.
This time, we will see Salman in a double role - of an angel and a devil as the show's concept this year is of heaven and hell.
The Dabangg actor is also in a hurry to complete the shoot and will be shooting two episodes a day per week because of the trial of his 2002 hit-an-run case. The trial is likely to begin on August 19.


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