Kate Middleton's to give birth to baby boy

According to sources, Prince William's cousin Princess Eugenie has also been telling her friends that the baby is a boy.Prince Harry has been telling his friends that the royal couple are expecting a baby boy, according to reports.A source told the Sunday People that the 28-year-old royal has been telling everyone that the royal couple are having a boy and he is thrilled at the prospect of having a little nephew, the Mirror reported.The source said that the whole family is excited about it and apparently Kate wanted a boy.
Kate Middleton's baby Bump Pic
The insider said that the royal couple are working hard on baby names and think that they have it sorted but are not revealing anything to ­anyone — not even Harry.The insider asserted that the close inner circle all know that it is a boy and they are busily buying gifts with a boy theme.
Officially, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have refused to divulge the sex of their soon-to-be-born baby but seven-months-pregnant Kate dropped a couple of hints in March when she appeared to accidentally suggest that a girl was on the way.It happened during a walkabout in Grimsby, when Kate was presented with a teddy by a local well-wisher and said “I will take that for my d..” – and then stopped herself.
Kate Middleton
Just a few days later she gave another clue – this time indicating that the baby could be a boy, when she revealed that she bought a Bugaboo pram in light blue.According to sources, Prince William’s cousin Princess Eugenie has also been telling her friends that the baby is a boy.


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